Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Creative Manifesto

Through the month of September, I posted images on Instagram, responding to Flora Bowley’s prompts on her beautiful website, braveintuitiveyou.com.  One of my favorite prompts was to write a creative manifesto.  The idea is to write your creative intentions, Flora talks more about this here.  It was surprising what words and thoughts formed together when I put pen to paper.  Here is the result of that brainstorming:

To seek and capture the layers of wild and free.
Explore the beauty in the broken, rusted, and forgotten corners of the world.
Responding to the inner pull of spilling out across torn pages, splattering ink and colorful paints.
LETTING GO of needing a reason to create and embrace creating itself.

What would your creative manifesto look like?  What words would stand out amongst the rest?  For me, the words of letting go seemed to capture the entire essence of my manifesto.  Letting go allows for me to just be fully present and enjoy the creative time.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

An Open Heart

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely seek and find the barriers within that you have built against it" - Rumi

When I lose gratitude, I seem to lose sight of everything I love in my life.   A viewpoint that is cast in harsh gray across my everyday existence.  This past week I found myself returning to the basics, nightly gratitude list making.  My thoughts linking one small blessing to larger ones, forming a chain of beauty and light.  Tracing my life in a kaleidoscope of silver linings, fenced in barriers crumbling.  I hope wherever you are tonight, whatever the storm you may find that has rippled across your waters, that you will join me in finding the silver and golden linings of our “one and wild precious life” – Mary Oliver.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fearless Lines

The wound is the place where the Light enters you - Rumi

When we created the name for our collective website (found here), we played with so many words that it felt like treading water in a sea of synonyms.  We would feel surges of joy when words strung together communicated our intentions only to experience a crash of disappointment that a website or a company had the idea prior to our light bulb moment.  After numerous roller coaster experiences, we happen to land upon "Fearless Lines:  Journey of Inked Stories".  Personally I have never embraced the idea of being "fearless".  I'm not the girl that stands at an edge of an idea and takes a leap without trepidation.  I'm the girl that thinks, overthinks, analyzes, leaps, regrets, and thinks and analyzes the decision only to land on self criticism for the leap in the first place.  With this new endeavor, I want to leap creatively, fearlessly creating. connecting with gentle compassion. 

Prior to writing this blog post, I looked up synonyms for fearless only to find these string of words: bold, courageous, lionhearted, brave, audacious, plucky, and daring (love lionhearted!).  These beautiful words were followed by this statement, "a fearless defender of freedom".  I am learning to embrace this idea of fearlessness, to me fearless means to leap, to forgive the mistakes, to let go, and flourish in any present condition.   (By the way, synonyms for lines are very fitting - wrinkles, seams, pipeline, melody, connection, imprint, marks, road, and personal letter.)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finding October Rhythym

Fall has arrived.  The chill swirling in the crisp air makes me want to curl up in the recliner with a soft, cozy blanket and devour a bowl of thick, hearty stew.  I feel myself resisting my running routine and creative art time.  As I slip into the daze of fall, I am aware that I need to find the rhythm of balance in this new season.   Comfort food with layers of fleece for outdoor physical activity.  Opening the pages of a well-loved, second hand novel (thriftbooks.com is fabulous) alternating to paintbrushes dipped in colors of fall to grace the blank canvas.  Here’s to embracing October with open arms.

Untether your heart

Do you daydream?  I do, I do a lot!  I was daydreaming months ago about houseboats (to be honest, I was picturing a bright blue sky, citron yellow houseboat floating in pink, bubbly water with a tiny white flag waving proudly identifying the home of an artist).  After daydreaming, I jotted down some notes for a possible art journal page.
Then I took the idea and attempted to create an art journal page based on that vision.  Layers and layers later, the page evolved out of a houseboat into an abstract boat with a flag flying behind the fisherman girl.  I’m still uncertain as to whether the page is actually  finished, but I know that it is nothing like the original idea or the first layers.  Art journaling is about letting go, untethering your heart to controlling the process or outcome.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Art Journal Page

This art journal page evolved following numerous layers of paint and pencil lines.  At the final stage of the page, I just wrote any words that tumbled out of my consciousness.  I’m not even certain how I arrived at a woman adorning a pirate hat that is being encouraged to breathe in beauty.  Does your work ever resemble your first idea or inspiration?  I’m curious if this is unique to art journaling or if this is common in all creative endeavors.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Very little grows on jagged rock.  Be ground. 
Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are” – Rumi
For the past few years, I have chosen one word for the year (build, unpack, brave).  One word that holds meaning for my intentions for the year.  This year I chose the word *wildflower*.  In the beginning of the year, I felt like I wanted to embrace newness, bold colors, and grow wherever I may be planted.  The year of wild and free with roots flourishing beneath me.
The creative aspect to the word wildflower was about rippling splashes of color into all areas of my life.  That translated into wanting to paint more, paint on canvas (that always feels daunting for me for some reason).  As September is coming to a close, I realize I haven’t fulfilled all my intentions for the year.  I still tend to gravitate to the place of comfort, the pages of my art journal instead of the white canvas that sits on an easel in the corner of the room.  I chose to blog about this aspect of my unfulfilled intention in hopes that I will make a commitment to blow the dust off of the canvas and begin there again.  I have to remind myself  not to crumple the wildflowers with my harsh expectations and allow myself the freedom to begin again with no judgment of the past.  My creative life always seems to mirror other aspects of my life.
If you are new to this concept of selecting a word of the year,  Ali Edwards’ blog introduced me to the concept and you can find more about her and the idea here.